Friday, 27 June 2014

How To: Incorporate Colour into your Makeup Routine! (Part 1: Lower Lash line)

I love summer and one of my favourite things to do in summer is to bring out my coloured eyeshadow palettes! I am planning on doing a makeup series here on my blog where I show you different ways to incorporate coloured eyeshadows into your makeup routine which you can expect more next week! Now I am very comfortable wearing very vibrant makeup looks on a year round basis and at any time of the day, but I do understand that some people are not as comfortable doing this. Even if you do not feel comfortable wearing coloured eyeshadow over your eyelid you can still incorporate colour into your makeup routine! A great way to do this is to add a coloured eyeshadow under your bottom lash line.

When you are planning on doing colour under your bottom lash line, I would highly suggest doing a neutral eye on your eyelid or wear no shadows at all and simply go with a winged eyeliner! Because you will be adding a vibrant colour under your lash line you do not want to over-do things by doing a super glittery sparkly look on the top (but of course if you like this than please go for it!). I have a video tutorial + pictorial blog post showing how I do my Everyday Makeup Routine for eyeshadow which you can find here. I have also used this same eyeshadow look in the pictures below, so it is a better representation of what I am going to show you.
The natural eyeshadow look I am using (tutorial linked in blog post)
The first thing you want to do is to lay down some sort of primer. You could either use a normal eyeshadow primer that is clear, or to intensify the look you can use a coloured cream eyeshadow base. For the pictures below I have used a couple different options using Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Turquoise Forever and Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick in Paranoid Purple. To apply these I would highly suggest using a small brush to really press this against your bottom lash line without pulling too far down on the brush. You really want to keep this very close to the lash line and the line to be as thick as you would like the colour to be on the bottom lash line.

Next you want to use a flat shader brush to pick up colour only on the tip and press this onto the colour base or primer you have laid down previously. For these eyeshadow look below I used my Sleek Original palette which I think is a great palette for applying colour under the bottom lash line. The colours are extremely pigmented and only require the tiniest amount to get full on colour to show up. This palette contains many colourful, vibrant, colours that really pop and are great for summer, so you could get a lot of wear using this palette simply by applying the shadows on your bottom lash line. If you do not own this palette, use whatever you have in your collection! You can also switch up this tutorial and use any kind of colour you want! Even though I used blue, green, and purple you can really get creative and use pinks, golds, coppers, yellows etc! 

Before we get into how I achieved the look, I would highly suggest that if you are using a bright vibrant colour to either stick to a very thin line or a tad bit thicker than that. But if you are using a darker colour eg purple, try to make the line thinner because a dark colour will almost act the same as a black eyeshadow would. It would end up making the eye very dark and the overall look would be very dramatic, almost like a smoky eye. Another quick tip is when you are blending the eyeshadow towards the bottom to get rid of the harsh line, try not to drag the colour too far down because again you do not want this to be a super harsh thick line it should just be a pop of colour that will stick close to your lash line. If you are blending further than your bottom lashes, then the line is probably too long.

The first colour I applied was the Turquoise Blue shade in the palette. So I first started off with the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Turquoise Forever and blended this under the lash line. I love wearing blue eyeshadows so I did make this a little thick so it shows up more under the eye. Next I applied the bright blue shade in the Sleek Original palette and patted this onto the cream shadow using a flat shader brush. Once you have applied the initial colour I took a fluffy blending brush and just quickly went back and forth over the bottom of the eyeshadow. This blends it out just a little bit to make it look less harsh. Finally I applied some black mascara on my bottom lashes just to tone the colour down a little bit.

The next colour I applied was the Green shade in the Sleek Original palette. Again I used the Turquoise Forever Colour Tattoo and blended this under my lash line. I also made this line a little thick just because I love vibrant greens and blues under the lash line and really like them to show up. Then I took a flat shader brush and patted the colour onto the cream eyeshadow. Finally I used the blending brush to blend out the bottom of the liner and applied some mascara to my bottom lashes.

The final colour I applied was the Purple shade in the Sleek Original Palette. I used the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Crayon in Paranoid Purple and blended this very close to my lash line. I made this line a little thinner because the purple is not as bright and vibrant as the blue and green so it would look very dramatic if the line was thick (almost like a black shadow would be).  Next I used a flat shader brush and patted the colour onto the cream eyeshadow. Finally I used the blending brush to blend out the bottom of the liner and applied some mascara to my bottom lashes.

Adding colour to your makeup routine is very easy especially when adding colour to the bottom lash line. This only adds a couple of minutes extra to your everyday makeup routine and gives you a great pop of colour which is so much fun for the Summer months. If you recreate any of these looks I would love to see them so tweet me a picture of it @SweetShelbz on Twitter! What is your favourite way to add colour into your makeup routine? I would love to hear your answers so leave them down in the comment section below!


  1. The blue lower lash is very on trend, which I find weird even though I looks GORGEOUS!

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    1. I think the Urban Decay Electric palette has a lot to do with everyone trying out coloured eyeshadows. I mean in other years obviously some people do rock coloured eye-shadow but I don't think it has ever been more popular since the Electric Palette. Although I really love coloured eyeshadows and I wear them all year round so I am so excited that it is now becoming a 'popular' trend for Spring and Summer!

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