Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How I Cleared My Acne / Skincare Routine!

I have struggled with acne prone skin since I was a teenager around 12-13 years old. I am nearly 21 so this has been haunting me for a while now. I used to use the Clearasil face wash (the blue gel) which really helped my skin in my teenage years. 

When I was in my 20’s I got a bad case of cystic acne which I had never experienced before (which I believe was caused by stress). I went to the doctor I was prescribed some Tetralysal tablets along with a cream called Epiduo, both of which seemed to help my skin tremendously. If you are prescribed the Epiduo cream I would highly recommend only spot treating with this cream and avoid using it all over the face. I had a bad experience where I used the cream all over my face for a few days in a row and I ended up with a small burn on my face so take care! It also dries your face quite badly so try to focus this only where it is needed. I actually do not use this every single night but maybe three times a week just so I do not become overly dry.

Also I have been prescribed the Skinoren cream before I was prescribed the Epiduo cream and this also helped my skin a lot. This cream is not as intense as the other one and you can use it over your face with no problems or overly drying or burning. Because this cream was not overly irritating they prescribed me on a slightly higher dosed cream which was the Epiduo cream I use currently.

The doctor also recommended that I stopped using face wash while using these treatments as it would overly dry out my skin along with using the pills and cream. As an alternative to face wash I have been mixing some Tea Tree Oil (pure) with some water (please use the directions on the bottle of the oil on how to mix it). I shake up the bottle before use and apply it on a cotton pad and rub it on my face. Tea tree oil is anti-bacterial so it is great for clearing up acne and making sure your skin is clean, it can actually be found in many acne treatment products. I use this tea tree oil mixture maybe twice a day when I wake up in the morning and after I remove my makeup to ensure I get all the makeup off my face.

Tea Tree Oil - mix with water (as directed on the bottle)
A great tea tree oil product that I have found at my local boots is the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Spot Wand which costs around £3. It comes with two sides which contain different formulas for day and night. I love the day side of this spot wand and I use it very frequently on any spots that I would like to clear up. I also contain the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Shine Control Day Moisturiser which claims to lightly moisturise and caring for your skin without blocking pores. I actually love the feeling of this moisturiser because it doesn't make me feel greasy but I feel it does smooth out my skin and your skin feels firm a while after applying it as it would after using a face wash. Boots actually has a whole range of the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel products which I am curious to try more of!

A few things I have found that also helped to clear up my skin is always remove your makeup. I know it is very easy to feel lazy when you get home and leave it on while you sleep but this is a very bad idea. Always wipe off your makeup even if you just use a baby wipe. Also try not to touch your face throughout the day. Also make sure you clean your hair frequently as the oils from your hair rub against your face, you can also put your hair up in pony tails to keep it off your face. Cleaning your pillow cases or flipping them can also be very beneficial for clearing up your acne.

Although I do suffer with minimal breakouts I have cleared up my skin more than it was before. I am not a doctor so I would highly recommend going to your local doctor to see what they suggest for your skin type. These products are what happen to work for me but remember every person’s skin type is different, I personally have dry combo skin where my t-zone gets very oily but the majority of my face is dry. I hope this can help you out or give you comfort in that we all have breakouts and I’m sure most of us feel self-conscious but just remember everyone struggles with this and you are not alone!


  1. Great advises! I will try the products!
    Isz. xx from

  2. Omg i was on tetralysal! Glad it's working for you! i nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award! have a look at my post to find out the rules!
    eleanor x

    1. Did you find that it helped your skin at all? I find it is a little harsh but using it with caution helped my skin a lot without over drying it.

    2. Yeah it was kinda harsh I think I stopped using it a while back, I've been on quite a few medicines and tables from the doctors too, I also used epiduo which I loved but couldn't use too much of it because it was just so drying!

    3. I agree that out of all of them Epiduo was the most drying and the one that you have to be particularly careful about. I ended up having a small burn on my face because I used too much of it too frequently. Although it is great at getting rid of acne as well :) I really love the combo with the Tea Tree Oil products and I feel that it isn't too much, like a normal face wash would be.