Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Getting Back to my Natural Hair Colour! (Colour B4 / Clairol Nice and Easy)

I have been on the quest for a few months now to revert back to my natural hair colour. As I have dyed my hair various colours this has become quite the challenge and cost me a lot of money. I think I have finally made a step in the right direction and although it is a little dark I think once it fades a little it should work great. I am sure I am not the only person who has found it very difficult to get back to your natural colour so I thought I would share my experience with you all. I am sorry if this post is quite lengthy but I feel that if you are trying to get back to your natural hair colour or planning on lightening your hair before another dye job then this may help you out.

For a little background my natural colour is a very light brown shade. Around two years ago I decided to dye my hair for the very first time a permanent bright red colour which I kept for nearly two years now. Around four months ago I decided I wanted to try to get back to my brown hair so the only way to cover up the red was to dye it a dark brown colour. I had hoped that this would not only cover up the red but also fade similar to my natural colour. As you can all guess this did not happen and I was left with almost black hair that never faded to a lighter brown, but as the dye faded it would turn red. Then I drastically decided to try ‘purple’ hair but aimed for a dark plum colour which again did hardly anything but make my hair look redder. I actually did a review of this purple hair dye which you can find here. Ever since I have been dying my hair dark brown as my roots come in and as the colour fades back to red to even things out.

L - Natural Hair / R - Bright Red Hair
Hair before application (dark brown/black/red mixture)
So desperately wanting my natural colour back I looked up reviews for colour strippers and stumbled across the Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover in Extra Strength. This product has more than enough good reviews on the Boots website and I decided to give it a try. This product is not a ‘bleaching’ product and contains no bleach or ammonia so it will only change your colour back to the lightest you have ever had it. So for example if you bleached your hair prior to dyeing your hair the colour will revert back to blonde. If you have light brown hair which has never been bleached it will turn back to brown.

For the application of the Colour B4 you mix two bottles together similar to normal hair dye and place the mixture onto the hair and spread it around evenly. You then let the mixture sit on your hair for 25-60 minutes, which the company recommends 60 minutes. It is good to keep your hair warm during this stage so by wrapping your hair in cling film and placing a winter hat on top works great. The only thing that I can say about this product is that the smell is horrible. It is beyond horrible and it stays in your hair even after a few washes. I actually found that the smell lasted in my hair for 3 days and it only disappeared after I had dyed back over it. Once you rinse it out you need to let it rinse for 30 minutes and be sure to use the Buffer that comes in the box every 10 minutes almost like you would a shampoo. When I did this to my hair I could see that the colour of hair was a light orange brown colour, so I was expecting it to be slightly on the orange side but as long as it was light I had hope to get it back to a natural light brown shade.

Colour before I washed out the Colour B4 product
Now I had very good experiences with this product and it turned my hair from a very dark brown (almost black in colour) and changed it into a very light coloured brown… which had a very slight orange tint to it. I am not sure if everyone gets an orange tint to their hair or if this is simply because I was bright red before and the red is being stubborn. 
After Colour B4 application - Slight orange tint but overall much lighter
 I did not want orange hair so I decided to wait 2 days before dyeing back over it which it did slightly change colour so I would recommend waiting a few days before you dye it again. After those two days it wasn't really that orange and I probably could have gotten away with keeping it but decided to dye back over it with a Natural Light Ash Brown colour from Clairol Nice ‘n Easy. This did cover up the orange but made it slightly darker than I would have hoped for. I hope that this colour will indeed fade just a slight bit so that when my roots start to grow in the colour won’t be too different.

Sorry for the bad picture but it is very hard to get a true to colour picture when it is very cloudy in England at the moment. This is the closest to the colour it is now but a tad bit lighter!

So that is my story of going from a Red to Dark Brown (black) to Light Brown! Slowly on my way back to my very natural colour! I hope you found this useful and possibly even help you to get your natural hair colour back as well! I definitely recommend the Colour B4 hair stripper if you have had problems with getting permanent dye out of your hair!

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