Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Collection 2000 Dazzle Me! Eye Dusts

I was looking through my makeup collection the other day and stumbled across the Collection 2000 Dazzle Me Eye Dusts. I am sure that you can purchase these amongst drugstores in the UK or online, but I actually found mine in Poundland on discount for 50p each. I believe this is because at the time Collection 2000 was changing their name to Collection so everything with Collection 2000 written on it was selling for discounted prices so in this case it was a steal. I would assume that in regular drugstores though this would retail for around £5, but check your local Poundland first, you may just find a great steal!

The packaging is quite clever for these products as they all have clear containers so it is very easy to see which colour you are grabbing for. Once you open the product inside there is a plastic sifter with tiny holes that will let only a little product come out at a time. Over top of the plastic sifter is a sticker that is meant to protect the product before it is purchased. I would actually recommend keeping this sticker to place back over the sifter when you are finished with the product, because as you can see some of my eye dusts have sifted way to much product up through the sifter and it is not possible to get it back down.

Once you take off the sticker or at least pull up the sticker if you plan on keeping it, you can pour a little product into the cap and then apply. I find that these products do work by just patting the glitter onto your eye without any other products but there may be some fallout under the eyes while doing this. I find that if you use a stickier eyeshadow base such as a primer or cream shadow, for example a Nyx Jumbo Pencil it will really hold the colour on for a while, much longer than if you just placed the glitter on your eye with no base.  If you would really like the glitter to last all day pat some eye lash glue onto your eye in a thin layer and then push the glitter onto the eye into the glue. This will really keep the colour on your eyes for a long time without causing much fallout.

L-R - Pixie, Bedazzle, Haydaze

As these are glitter the pigmentation is not necessarily meant to be full coverage. When you apply the glitters without a sticky base or something to hold the product onto the eye, the pigmentation is pretty sparse but still gives you enough pigmentation to see the colour. But when you do apply a base such as the Nyx Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk it really does show the colour true to colour and is very pigmented on the eyes. You can obviously build up the pigmentation or even sheer it out depending on what type of eyeshadow look you are trying to achieve.

L-R - Pixie, Bedazzle, Haydaze (Left swatch no base, Right swatch Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk)

These types of glitters not only can be used for makeup but I’m sure you could use these in other ways in DIY’s. For example you could use something like mod podge and apply the glitters over a container to hold your makeup brushes or even mix some into a clear nail polish and create a glitter nail polish in your favourite colour. The best thing about doing your own DIY nail polish is that you can mix and match until it is the perfect shade for you. If you are interested in this I may do a blog post later in the week showing how to achieve this. Overall I think these glitters have many uses and the price is amazing especially if you can catch them at Poundland. 


  1. thanks for sharing! I like this eye dusts a lot.

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  2. great colors! I love it when you find different brands at Poundland...last time I was there I found some Sally Hansen nail polishes!

    1. If you do find decent makeup products at Poundland it is definitely a steal! I find it nice as well that if you normally wouldn't go for that colour or type of product you can buy it but it won't break the bank if it turns out you didn't like it :)

  3. I feel like the shade called pixie would be amazing at recreating the look Sophie Ellis-Bextor had in her Murder on The Dancefloor video!

    1. Wow what a great green eyeshadow look! I have never seen that video before but that is really nice and I totally agree it looks very similar! Maybe I could try to recreate this one day and do a video on it :) I love how she pared it with a reddish lip as well. Red and Green are complementary colours so they go very well together :D Thanks for the suggestion!