Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Gradient Blue Eyeliner Tutorial - Coastal Scents 88 palette

Since I reviewed my Coastal Scents 88 eyeshadow palette yesterday I decided to use this palette to create a different look for you all. I decided to do a blue gradient eyeliner tutorial. I only used my Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette to create this look so if you do not own this palette don’t worry, just use similar colours that you have in your collection! You can also change this tutorial to a different colour other than blue but just use the same gradient of colour for each step (eg. Light blue change to light purple, darker blue to darker purple etc).

To start off this gradient eyeliner I decided to use my MUA Intense Liner in Royal Blue. This step is not mandatory but it will make the blue colours pop and become more vibrant than if you were to use no base.  You do not have to line your eye perfectly and don’t worry if it is not straight because we will be covering this with the eyeshadow. I decided to wing out this eyeliner so I did extend the blue line into a ‘wing’ shape on the outer corners.

Next I applied the light blue shade marked number 1 in the Coastal Scents 88 eyeshadow palette on the inner half of the eyeliner. The colour that I used is a little dark for a ‘light’ shade so if you would like your gradient to start very light and gradually get dark choose a lighter colour for the inner part.

Next I used a dark blue shade marked number 2 in the Coastal Scents 88 eyeshadow palette on the middle part of my eyeliner. Try to focus this colour just in the middle and not to extend it too far towards the outer half of your eye because we will be placing another colour there. Make sure to blend this colour into the last colour we applied so it has a nice transition between the two.

Next I used a dark purple shade marked number 3 in the Coastal Scents 88 eyeshadow palette on the outer half of the eyeliner. Do not bring this colour too close to the middle of the eyeliner because you don’t want to cover up the last colour we placed. Make sure to blendt his colour into the previous colour we applied so it has a nice transition between the two.

Finally I took a black shade marked number 4 in the Coastal Scents 88 eyeshadow palette and used this to wing out my eyeliner. I first created the wing and then blended it very carefully into the purple that we laid down in the previous step. Be very careful not to bring this too far in because we only want this to show up as the wing and very little on the actual eyeliner.

This gradient eyeliner is great and can be applied using different colours and could even blend two colours together! I love the finish product and I think it would look great on anyone. If you would like to spice up the eyes you could also place a matte medium brown shade in the crease to give a little definition. A highlight could also be placed under the brow bone and in the inner corner to brighten up the eyes. If you recreate this look I would love to see it and let me know how it goes!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Coastal Scents 88 Palette - Review/Swatches

One of my favourite eyeshadow palettes to use is my Coastal Scent 88 eyeshadow palette. This palette contains 88 small eyeshadows around the size of a US dime or a UK 5p piece. This palette allows you to experiment with different colours and shades without breaking the bank as the palette only costs around $20. You can usually find these 88 palettes on a special deal where you can buy multiple palettes for a cheaper cost on the Coastal Scents website. I personally bought all of my palettes on Black Friday and managed to get all four 88 palettes for around $30 so it was a great deal!

The palette contains a bunch of different colours including orange, green, blue, purple, pink, red, and neutral colours. Since the palette is so cheap I feel that this is more targeted towards beginners in makeup so you can experiment with all of the different colours and create eyeshadow looks. The pigmentation of these products is actually pretty decent which you can see from the swatches below. Some of the other 88 palettes that I own do not have that great of pigmentation, but I find that around 80% of these colours are very pigmented on the first swatch and find that only the neutral shadows are a little less pigmented. I am not sure why the neutral shades are less pigmented as there is a whole 88 palette dedicated to neutral eyeshadows that has good pigmentation as well. I actually have a review and swatches of the Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette which you can find here. Swatches of the Coastal Scents 88 palette can be seen below:

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Column 4

Column 5

Column 6

Column 7

Column 8

Column 9

Column 10

Column 11

Overall I think the Coastal Scents 88 palette is great for those of you who want to experiment with colour for a cheap price or for a beginner that does not have a wide collection yet. The pigmentation of this palette is great for the price point and considering you get so many different colours to play around with. If you can catch these on a great deal I think they are amazing and would recommend you to give them a try! 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Closet Confidential Tag!

So about a week ago I saw EssieButton on YouTube do the Closet Confidential tag and I thought it would be a really fun blog post to make. It almost reminds me of 'whats in your bag' but a closet version! I was not tagged by EssieButton but I still want to do it anyway so I will and I encourage any of you who would like to do the tag to participate as well. If you do participate in this tag I would love to see it so please comment down below with a link to your post. Now lets get onto the questions...

1. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?

The two oldest items in my closet are definitely my Aeropostale sweatshirt and my Aeropostale camisoles. Now both of these items of clothing I have probably had since I was 16 and I have held onto them ever since. I love the detailing on the sweatshirt hood with the little flowers and I think it just gives it a great girly touch.

The Aeropostale camisoles are honestly the most comfortable item of clothing I own and I wear one every single day. These are great for layering in the winter time and wearing in the summer months! I do own many of these camisoles in different colours but the most worn is my light grey one. This camisole is actually starting to get holes in the back which is very upsetting because it is definitely my favourite!

2. What is the newest item?

On my most recent trip to Primark I picked up these two dresses. The material is quite thin so these would be perfect for summer but I feel that if you wore leggings with the dress it would be suitable for winter paired with a coat or sweater over the top. The skirt on these dresses is very flowy and looks great on! The great thing about these dresses is that they were only £5 each!

3. What is the most expensive item?

Now the honest answer to this question is my UGG boots, but since I will be using this as an answer to another question I will answer my 2nd most expensive item which is my winter coat. I bought this when I first come to England and it costed around £80-90 which I don't think is too bad considering I have had this for nearly 4 years and its still in great condition! The coat does have a very plunged neckline which does look great on but it does get a little cold so sometimes I will roll up the collar and button a few more buttons to make it more warm.

4. What is the cheapest/most affordable item? (that you wear/use a lot!)

Primark clothing in general are the cheapest and most affordable items that I own. The leggings are one of my favourites and they only cost £3. They are honestly so comfortable and great to wear everyday and look just as good as the higher end leggings. The come in different colours and patterns so there is a lot of variety. I also recently bought some of the Primark camisoles similar to the ones I shown in the question above but they also cost around £2.50 and they are great and I do get a lot of use out of them. They also come in a variety of colours so there is a lot of selection.

5. What was the biggest bargain?

I feel that my UGG Bailey Bow boots were the biggest bargain I have had. I bought these in Women sizes instead of Juniors as they only carried the Navy colour in the Womens brand. I was dead set on the Navy so I decided to order them online. The normal retail for the boots was £160 but I found a great coupon code and received them for around £120 so I received a £40 discount. Not only did I get the £40 discount but they also made a mistake and set me the UGG Sheepskin Care Kit which retails for £20 for free, so all together I received a £60 discount which I think is a great deal! I am also never this lucky as to receive a free item so this made me really ecstatic. I purchased my UGG's from Zutti if any of you are also interested.

Now I would also like to mention that I only own this pair of UGGs and have never tried any others in the past. I was always under the impression that the boots were way over priced and you could get a similar pair in Primark for £5-10. I have tried the Primark versions and they honestly get worn out so you can't wear them after the winter has finished. My ugg boots have lasted the whole winter without any problems and I think that the Bailey Bows are just so much cuter than the originals that I feel it was worth the money for the long term investment.

6. What was the biggest waste of money?!

So last summer I was looking into buying some tights so I went to my local Sports Direct and found a great tight selection. I come out of the store with 2 pairs of black tights and 3 pairs of crazy colours shown below. I have no idea what I was thinking and I never did end up wearing the 3 coloured tights. I still don't know how I can possibly wear these with an outfit so if anyone has any ideas please let me know!

BONUS QUESTION - Show us your three favourite items right now

Sneakers... Converse in particular have been a mighty big obsession of mine ever since I bought my first pair (shoes in the middle). I went on the Converse website and noticed that I could 'design my own shoes' which I was just playing around with. I ended up finishing my creating on the website and fell in love and just had to have them. They did cost a little more than a regular Converse shoe but they do get a lot of wear! The next pair of shoes are my Vans (pictured on the right) which I do find comfortable but not as comfortable as the Converse shoes feel. I love the bright laces on these and I think they look great with a pair of leggings or paired with a dress. The final pair of shoes I bought were the black Converse (pictured on the left) which have sparkles on them. I absolutely love these shoes and I think they are my favourite out of the 3. I think they look great with any outfit and give a nice dazzle compared to a normal black Converse.

My next favourite item that I wear almost everyday or at least every time I leave the house is my Lipsy bag. I bought this bag last year because I needed a larger cross body bag to hold all of my stuff and I came across this one which I fell in love with. It almost has a nautical theme to it and I feel it can be paired with any outfit. It is getting a little worn around the handles but I will definitely be wearing this bag until it breaks completely because I am just that in love with it. 

My third favourite item would probably be the Aeropostale camisoles simply because I wear these everyday without fail. They are just so comfortable and I have so many different colours that I just constantly wear these and it is one of my favourite items. I know it is kind of a boring answer but it is the truth! I love wearing these with track bottoms around the house and it's probably what I wear around 80% of the time.

If any of you would like to do this tag please feel free to do it or leave a comment down below telling me your answers for each question! I would love to hear your answers.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Poundland NOTD Pretty - Graffiti Effect Nail Varnish + Review

I am a big fan of shopping at Poundland and love browsing around the store to see what I can find. As many of you know I have recently browsed my local Poundland and picked up a few goodies including some nail polishes and storage! Now I normally check the ‘beauty’ section in the store which may sound strange coming from a Poundland but you can actually find some great deals and steals in the ‘beauty’ section!

Basically Poundland offers their own makeup brand called chit chat and also carries some high street/ drugstore beauty products that are sold at a discount (£1). I have found makeup items from the brands Sally Hanson, Maybelline, Revlon and Collection 2000 but I am sure you can find many more! Recently I noticed a new section in my local Poundland which was called ‘The Nail Bar’ which contained a ton of new nail polish I have not seen before from the brand Pretty. Now I have never heard of this brand before so it may just be a Poundland brand but I decided to pick one up and give it a try!

While looking at all of the pretty bottles of nail polish I stumbled across a glitter polish called ‘Graffiti Effect Nail Varnish’ that contained tons of different coloured glitter in it with a mix between red, green, yellow glitter. The glitter pieces also contain different shapes within the polish as some are little circles and some are little lines. Now this polish intrigued me because of all of the different shapes and colours and I do not actually own many ‘glitter’ polishes in my nail polish collection. So I thought this is a great opportunity to pick up a cheap polish and give it a try!

Pretty - Grafitti Effect Nail Varnish
First I would like to mention that the base colour to this nail polish is indeed coloured and not clear. I had assumed from looking at the bottle that it would be a clear polish with glitter within it but I was wrong and it definitely has a clear somewhat pink colour to it. I applied this glitter nail polish over my Revlon Lilac Pastelle nail polish which is a light pink/lilac colour, and it did change the colour of the lilac shade slightly by making it more pink. Since the glitter does have a clear pink base I am not actually sure how this would apply over a colour that is not pink but I will need to check that out and let you all know!

Pretty - Graffiti Effect Nail Polish  and  Revlon Lilac Pastelle Nail Enamel
Through painting my nails I decided to test how easily the glitter polish would build on itself. I started off by doing one coat of glitter and it did apply a good coating of the glitter but it is by no means covering the whole nail. The effect it leaves on the nail I wouldn't say is graffiti like, but the glitter over the pink reminds me of Easter eggs so I feel like this manicure would be great around Easter and Spring time.

One coat of Graffiti Effect Nail Polish
I next applied another coat and it turned out to have a lot better glitter coverage over the nail but still did not have glitter covering the entire nail. I decided to see how many coats it would take to fully cover my nail in glitter and it took around 4-5 coats to get a full opaque layer of glitter and I do have to say the effect looked very nice.

Top-Bottom:  2 coats, 1 coat, 4-5 coats, 1 coat
The only downfalls I have with this product is that it does take a while to dry if you do build up the coats and it is a pain to remove! For one coat it did dry decently fast around 10 minutes to fully dry, but when I layered up the polish to get an opaque coat it took hours to fully dry without any smudging. I applied this polish yesterday and if I push on the glitter coated nail with my finger even today it will make a dent within the polish so I would say stick to thin coats and only do a maximum of 2. This polish is also very difficult to remove as if you use a cotton pad it will tear up the cotton pad since the glitter is very sharp. I did remove it with a cotton pad but had to really scrape at the nail with my other fingers to fully remove the polish. I have heard from others that glitter polish is normally hard to remove but does anyone have any tips on how to remove it more easily?

One coat of Graffiti Effect Nail Varnish

Overall for £1 at Poundland I feel that the Graffiti Effect Nail Varnish does a great job of packing on the glitter and dries at a decent time if you don’t do too many coats. I love the effect it gives to the nails and it really is great for those of us who like to do nail art or just want to jazz up a manicure. 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Makeup Academy (MUA) - Lip Liners

Since Valentine’s Day was yesterday I decided to stick with the pink and red theme and review my Makeup Academy (MUA) Intense Colour Lip Liners. The Intense Colour Lip Liner’s come in four different shades including a light pink, hot pink, red and a darker plum shade. Makeup Academy products are sold exclusively at Superdrug and the MUA website and these lip liners retail for £1. I personally own the light and hot pink which are called Softly Lined and Pink Me Up.

So I am sure many of you who follow my blog know that I am a big fan of the Makeup Academy (MUA) brand as a whole and love most of their cheaper products, but these Intense Colour Lip Liners are honestly one of the worst I have ever used. 

The MUA lip liners are very soft and easily glide on the lips without tugging or pulling on the liner. They do have a great consistency and the colour pigmentation is fantastic on the product which is great for a lip liner. The cap to the lip liner contains a sharpener which is very handy. As you can see from the swatches below the colours do contain shimmer and sparkles which would be fine but I also find that the lip liners come off almost metallic on the swatch and on the lips which I cannot understand.

For example when I apply the lightest pink shade to my lips it just looks like a metallic silver colour which is not what you would expect from a light pink colour. The same thing applies to the hot pink lip liner and also looks very metallic on the lips but not as bad as the lighter shade. Even when you apply a lipstick over the top it just creates a weird finish to the lips which I do not find flattering in the slightest.

These lip liners also are terrible for clinging onto dry patches on your lips. I myself have very cracked dry lips in the winter time and these cannot be used without first exfoliating your lips thoroughly. I am not actually sure if other lip liners are prone to clinging onto dry patches on the lips but these ones with the metallic shimmer make it much more noticeable than it would normally look once I have applied my lipstick.

I also find that these lip liners do not prolong the wear of your lipstick at all. I have tried using these just lining the outside of my lips and lining the whole of my lips and neither way helps to prolong the wear of my lipstick. I also find that when I do wear a more intense colour the colour will not stay within the lines that you have created but smudge outside which is not what should happen when wearing a lip liner.

Overall I think your pound would be better spent saving for a higher quality lip liner that will give you a perfect look and also prolong the wear of your lipstick! If you are indeed looking for other MUA products I have many other reviews on my blog but I would definitely recommend the eyeshadows and blushers.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Rimmel Apocalips - Out of This World

A couple of months ago I got my hands on the all too well known Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers. The Apocalips lip lacquers are claimed to be the intense rich colour of a lipstick with a satin smooth shine. These can be found in your local drugstore and retail for around £6 which is not too unreasonable for a drugstore lip product. The Apocalips range also offers 13 different colours to choose from varying from very natural nude shades to pinks and even dark reds and plums so there is bound to be a colour that suits you!

I picked up the colour Out of This World which is a great pinkish red shade. It does contain shimmer and gives a very nice glossy finish to the lips. I think this colour would be great for those of you who want an everyday lip colour but do not tend to go for nude shades. I have also been eyeing Luna which is a great almost nude peach shade which would also be great for everyday wear if any of you are interested. 

Rimmel Apocalips in the shade Out of This World
Now let’s get onto the product formula. The formula is the consistency of a gloss and as many of you know I am not the biggest fan of gloss products. The reason behind this is that I do not like the feeling of sticky lip products on my lips, which these lacquers are not sticky in the slightest but almost remind me of a liquid on my lips almost a runny feeling. The colour that transfers onto your lips is very pigmented and you only need one coat for a fully opaque lip colour. I find that once you apply the product it does almost set into your lips and kind of dries on the lips. Once it dries it stays on your lips for a good few hours before ever needing to reapply.

The wand of this lip lacquer is also unusual as it is almost like a doe foot applicator but has a little hole in the centre of it. This is great because a lot of product builds up in the hole and when you apply the product you can do both your top and bottom lip without needing to dip the applicator back into the lacquer for more product. Obviously this is not a game breaker for other lip lacquers but it does make it a lot easier and faster to apply the product.

Now I am not a huge fan of lip products and I tend to have very sensitive lips. I find that if you do have overly chapped lips this product will cling onto those dry patches which does not look good so make sure to exfoliate your lips before you apply! I actually have a review of a great facial loofah that would be great for exfoliating you can check it out here. I also find that these lip lacquers can actually feel quite drying on the lips. Not overly drying like a matte lipstick would but they just don’t feel very creamy.  When you rub your lips together it kind of hurts my lips so I usually apply a gloss over the top once the lip lacquer has set. This may just happen to me because I have very sensitive lips but I thought it may be useful to share.

Not only do I love this product but I’m sure all of you love how they cleverly used the name Apocalips and even the names of the colours are great as well. I love that they have such a great colour selection that anyone can find the shade they are looking for. The product is great if you do not want to touch up your lips for a long time but feel free to use a gloss over the top if you find it a little drying. For the price of these lips lacquers you are definitely getting a great deal and I would recommend these to anyone!