Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL - Mystic Violet

Ok so for the last few months I have been having a huge urge to dye my hair purple but I always decided against it simply because I was a little scared of how it would turn out. My ideal colour of purple hair would be a dark plum or grape colour where it looks dark overall but when the sunlight shines on it the hair would shine a darker purple. So today I decided to go to Boots and purchase the Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL in Mystic Violet. These hair dyes cost around £6 in your local Superdrug/Boots or drugstore but you can usually find them on sale or on a 3 for 2 deal.

Now as you can see on the box it does look like purple in the lighted part of the picture but the hair that is shaded looks very dark and almost black. Now before I show you my ‘before’ hair look, I thought I should share with you my hair history and why it is the colour it is. So about a year ago I decided to dye my hair bright red using the Live Color XXL in Real Red. This made a drastic change to my hair and it definitely was bright red for the whole year. Then about a month or 2 ago I decided to try to go back to my natural hair (which is a light brown) so to get rid of the red I tried to use Clairol Nice and Easy hair dye in Natural Light Golden Brown and absolutely nothing happened. Then I tried the Live Color XXL in Tempting Chocolate because I figured if the red took my hair from brown to bright red it must do the job well, which did make my hair darker but it did leave some red showing through once it was washed a few times. This is why in my before picture it is dark but with extremely light patches of red when the flash hit the red spots.

The Live Color XXL in Mystic Violet shows on the side of the box what the resulted hair should look like if your hair is (blonde, brown, or black) so I assumed that this would work perfectly even though my hair was pretty dark to start with. The resulting colours should look like this according to the box.

Once you open the box you are left with an instructions manual which contains gloves inside, a bottle of developer, the colorant and a bottle of conditioner for the after care.

So basically what you are meant to do is mix together the colorant and developer together and once they are mixed you slather it on your hair. Now I personally have my boyfriend dye my hair for me because with my longer hair it is very difficult to not make a mess or to get every spot on your head so I suggest having someone dye your hair for you. Once I had applied the hair dye I kept it on for 30 minutes to develop. I also suggest using an old towel to wrap around you when you are dyeing your hair so that you do not make a mess and ruin your clothing! I personally use 2 boxes to dye my whole head.

Once the 30 minutes was up I washed out the hair dye which was extremely messy and for some reason it was worse than the red hair dye I mentioned earlier. The water should run somewhat clear (I don’t think it should run fully clear as red hair dyes usually wash out in the shower pretty fast). I then dried my hair with a blow drier and finally got to see the finished product.

Now honestly I don’t know how I feel about it so far, my hair as I said earlier was a little red before so I am not sure if that counters out the purple a little and makes it more red. But basically my hair still looks very dark and almost dark brown, it does seem like the colorant made my hair darker but at my roots when I am standing under a light I can see the purple/red colour show through. Now I dyed this in the mid-afternoon / nearly night time so the lighting is not great which is why I believe it looks so dark. I did try to take a picture afterwards but this is definitely not as good of lighting as I had with my before picture, so tomorrow I plan on taking some better photographs in the light and see how it really turned out! So stay tuned for tomorrow’s update!

Bonus Picture: My boyfriend was playing with our puppy while I was getting the 'before' pictures and she was begging for my Revlon Lip Butter :) she obviously loves makeup too! A full review + lip swatches on them can be found here.


So today I woke up and for once we had great sunlight in England so I really got to see what my hair looked like in natural lighting. Basically it has a lot of red showing through (more than I had before) but overall it just looks very dark. The darker pieces do have a slight tinge to them of purple when you look at them under direct sunlight but it is very hard to notice and I don't think anyone would notice it unless you were specifically looking for it. Now on the box it said that even black hair would still come out with 'purple' hair using this hair dye, which many of the other Live XXL brand hair dyes suggest only to go up to light brown hair but I feel that this didn't really do that much. Now I am not sure if because I had bright red hair before it changed the color more red toned than 'purple' but it wasn't what I expected. Now I have had better luck with other colors within the Live XXL brand, specifically Real Red and Tempting Chocolate, but this color simply did not work that well for me. I will not give up on the Purple hair and will give it another attempt to see if it will come out the right color that I want it to be :). Update pictures are shown below - Sorry about the frizzy hair, I took this picture after I woke up :) also my glasses are poking through so don't mind that!


  1. Yay, you did it! I really just have to say your hair is so long and beautiful, I'm so jealous! I decided to cut my hair into a very short bob a couple of years ago and then last June I decided I would get a perm... I'm still waiting for my hair to grow to the length it used to be :(

    It still looks quite red, but I like it! Dying your hair is always tricky because even if you test it out first you don't know how it'll look when it's done. Looking forward to seeing more pictures :)

    Also, what a cute puppy!

    Angels of Arcadia

    1. I agree that I think because my hair had redish tones left over from my red hair before I feel that it basically darkened my hair and just put more red into it. Granted though in the sunlight today it the dark brown pieces actually do have a slight purple tinge when you really get into the light and move it around but its barely noticeable unless your super up close. I think I will have another go at the purple hair but with another brand. I could never cut my hair, I always feel that now its so long if I even cut it a couple of inches it feels like something's missing. I do like the red but I just want something different and I hope the 2nd attempt will go a little better :)

  2. Replies
    1. I do like it but its just not purple! I actually bought a new purple color today to try from Simply Colours in Intense Violet which I will do this weekend so maybe next Monday I will give you an update on how that looks also :). Don't get me wrong I do like how it looks now but I had bright red hair for around a year so I just want something a little different than red :) but I do miss it at the same time. So hard dyeing hair :D

  3. Do you guys have brands like Manic Panic there? I've had pretty good luck with vivid brands like that. I use a beauty supply store brand of violet, and I leave it in for about 3 hours, and it makes my hair pretty darned purple. My hair is bleached completely blonde though.

    1. I have never seen Manic Panic in the UK yet but I bet I could find some online. I will give it another try over the weekend with a different brand and we'll see how that works. Thanks for the recommendation I will have to look into it!

  4. You have such gorgeous, long hair! I'm trying to grow mine out, desperately, so this was some good inspiration for me hahaha :)

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  5. Hey again, I've nomianted you for a Liebster award! Check here for more info!