Monday, 20 January 2014

Primark Beauty - Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

On my last Primark haul a few months ago I decided to try something from the Primark beauty section. I didn't necessarily want to try a makeup item as I did not want to break out my skin or do any harm, so I decided to try out the Primark Beauty Nail Polish Remove Pads first. The pack that I bought contained 2 containers with 25 pads in each container, and the best part they only costed £1 together! Now I didn't exactly have much faith or hope in these products as I figured they would just be so-so, and nothing special as they only costed £1 but I was pleasantly surprised by how these worked.

When I opened the package for the first time I noticed that the nail polish remover pads were very thin. Almost the thinness of say a piece of paper, and I was a little sceptic. It didn't seem that these thin pads would remove any nail polish on my fingers, but when I tried it the pads do remove the nail polish left on your fingers pretty well actually. It does take a few swipes and a few seconds on each nail but for only 1-2 seconds per finger it is a great way to remove nail polish on the go or even just for convenience. I have never tried these remove pads on glitter nail polish though so I am not sure that these nail polish remove pads would work on that.

The pads do feel a little greasy and it does leave a residue on your fingers after you have wiped one on your nail polish. I find that if I have a paper towel or something to wipe my fingers on afterwards it removes the greasy residue and your fingers feel fine afterwards. The greasy residue does not linger on your fingers as long as you wipe them down.

Disclaimer: Sorry for the chipped nail polish, but that is exactly why I was removing them :)

Overall if you are looking for cheap nail polish remover pads that will do the job (at least with normal nail polish without glitter) these nail polish pads will do the job and save you money! These pads would be great when you are on the go and your nail polish chips and you want to remove your nail polish. I am very curious on how the other Primark Beauty products preform, so if any of you have tried any other products let me know! 

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