Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Naked 3 (Rose Gold) Inspired - Romantic Eyeshadow Tutorial

Since the new Naked 3 palette has recently been launched, I decided to use this as inspiration and look through my eyeshadows to find some great rose gold/pink shades to work with! I do not own any of the Naked palettes by Urban Decay so instead I found some great shadows in my Sleek Storm palette. This palette is quite affordable and can be found at your local Superdrugfor around £8 or on Amazon and the shadows are gorgeous. I do believe these palettes are either not available or very hard to get in the US but if you can get your hands on them they are definitely worth the money! I will do a blog post on this palette with a full in-depth review, which will be coming very soon.

To start off I first applied my Nyx Jumbo Eyeshadow pencil in Milk all over my eyelids and even up into the crease. Make sure you blend this colour around the crease line so that it does not have a harsh end.

Next I applied the matte light brown shade marked #1 in the palette into my crease. This will act as a transition colour so that the crease colour we apply later will blend gorgeously into the skin.

Next I applied the shimmery champagne colour marked #2 in the palette on the inner 1/3 of my eyelids. This will create a more open look and make you look wide awake. This is a great tip if you didn't get much sleep the night before and need a little pick me up.

Next I applied a rose gold type of shade marked #3 in the palette and focused this on the outer 2/3 of my lid, making sure that I blend this into the champagne colour that is also on the lid. Make sure you spend a lot of time blending in the colours as we want this look to be very romantic and soft.

For my crease colour I decided to use a darker pink/red shade that is marked #4 in the palette. This shade does have shimmer but because we used the matte transition shade (#1) it will help blend in the colour a little more and look less shimmery. I used this all the way throughout my crease and really make sure to blend, blend, and blend on this step! We really want a soft romantic feel to the eyeshadow so make sure you give it enough time! Also make sure to blend a small amount of this shadow under your eye near your lash line.

Finished look if you stop at this step!

If you would like to darken the crease, adding a darker brown shade like #5 in the palette can be used on
the outer v. this will make the look appear more dark and smokey. This will give the look a very nice effect, but if you are going for an everyday look then you can obviously skip this step, as it is all personal preference!

Finished look if you stop at this step! (Dark Brown in Crease)

If you would like an even darker look you can add the tiniest bit of black over the dark brown in order to
darken just the outer v.

Finished Look if you stop at this step! (Black in outer v)
Finally I used the shimmery champagne colour marked #2 in the palette again as an inner corner highlight. This will also make the eyes appear more open and awake but you can skip this step if you would prefer, it is all just personal preference.

To finish this look I applied my MUA Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner on the top lash line and kept my waterline bare. You can also use a nude or white eyeliner in the waterline if you like that look but I do not own any. Then I curled my lashes with a lash curler and applied the NYC City Curls mascara.


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    1. Do you prefer the pictorials or just one picture that shows the end look with written steps on how to create it? I myself would prefer pictorials so I think I may try to do this for all of my eyeshadow looks that I show. I think this is a great everyday makeup that can easily go from day to night just by adding a darker crease colour and maybe a little colour under the lashline!


  2. This is so pretty! I don't have the Storm palette but after seeing this post I definitely need it! I'll have to try and use some other shadows of similar color to replicate this look for now because it's so nice. Great post and brilliant tutorial :)

    Angels of Arcadia

    1. It's pretty funny because before last month I only used MUA palettes, but recently I bought the Sleek palettes and just fell completely in love! Although now I want all of the Sleek palettes :P. Great quality if you are looking for some cheaper eyeshadow's.


    2. I've never tried MUA before but I have 3 Sleek palettes. I have one from a couple of years ago which I think isn't made anymore and I also got the Ultra Mattes and Au Natural palettes a few months back. I use the Ultra Mattes palette everyday!

  3. Really pretty! I need to try this, I still haven't cracked open the Naked 3 I got for Christmas lol.


  4. This make up looks gorgeous on you, thanks for the tutorial. It inspired me to try something new :)


  5. great makeup, dear! love it <3

    visit my blog please)
    keep in touch, xoxo
    love, Yulia

  6. It's nice of you to label the palette for us. The end result is gorgeous. I've been wanting a Naked palette and this is a look I want to wear. Bookmarking this post and following you since I have a lot to learn. :)

    Sincerely, Christine from Invisible Blush

  7. Gorgeous look - I love the Sleek palettes, such good value for money. Would love if you'd have a little look at my blog, follow via bloglovin if you like it and wil lfollow back x

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