Monday, 27 January 2014

Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award a few days ago by Angels of Arcadia, Georgiana Teglas from sowhatsfashionabout, and yourlifeplaylist. I have seen this on a few blogs but for anyone who doesn't know it is an internet award where people nominate you to answer a few questions. Once you have answered them you nominate some more people from other blogs to answer some questions that you have come up with and so the circle goes. First I will answer the questions that my nominator has given me and then I will list who I would like to nominate and the questions I will give them. Thank you Angels of ArcadiaGeorgiana Teglas, and Your Life Playlist for nominating me and I really do appreciate it.

Questions from Angels of Arcadia:

·  What's your spirit animal?
I’m not really sure that I know but I took an online quiz at jerismithready and it says that I am an Otter. Otters are nurturing, playful, and easy going. You often put others’ needs before your own, offering what seems to be a bottomless well of compassion and care. Though your decisions are guided by your feelings at heart you’re pragmatic and self-possessed, making you the ideal head of a family or small business. Now I am not sure that this describes me very well but my boyfriend always makes fun of me saying I’m a deer. I am easy going and very laid back and love to be on my own rather than in a big crowd.

·  What's your favourite TV show?
Where do I start…? I am a TV fanatic and watch a ton of shows on a regular basis, and I don’t just watch shows randomly I follow them episode by episode. I cannot pick just one favourite but all of the shows that I currently watch are Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Pretty Little Liars, Ravenswood, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, the Mentalist and I really love cop shows like CSI the original and Law and Order: SVU. These are just a few but, as you can see I watch a lot of television shows ;) and I guess you could say I’m slightly addicted.

·  Take us through a typical weekday for you.
I’m not sure how to answer this question, I’m usually at home and I do normal things like laundry, ironing, cooking some food, doing work etc. I don’t feel that I have a very exciting life as it is just the ‘norm’.

·  Who's your favourite YouTuber?
Right now I absolutely love Essie Button who does beauty videos and randomly will do daily vlogs. Her story is strangely very similar to my story where she lived in North America, moved to England with her boyfriend and has been here for around the same time as I have. I just think she is so down to earth and just a really nice and genuine person. She also makes me want to buy everything she even mentions so watch out haha! Also I love CarahAmelie03 who also does beauty videos as well as daily vlogs. I religiously watch her daily vlogs every day and I love her family and she is also very down to earth and seems like a lovely person.

·  How do you spend your freetime (other than blogging)?
I really love watching television shows as you can see from the question above, so normally I will do ‘marathons’ and catch up on all of the seasons. Right now I am actually watching the Mentalist as I haven’t caught up to the newest season yet (I’m on season 3 currently) but I’m really enjoying it (Please no spoilers :D). I also like playing League of Legends obviously as I have created my whole blog ‘theme’ inspired by the League of Legends character Lulu.

·  What are you most looking forward to this year/what do you hope will happen this year?
I hope that I will be able to travel home this summer back to America and see my family and hopefully make a holiday out of it as well.

·  You have £20 to spend on anything you want, what do you buy?
This one is easy definitely makeup no doubt about it. Now what kind of makeup is pretty difficult but right now I’m eyeing the Sleek Palette in Vintage Romance as I love wearing purples and I also really want the Rimmel Apocalips in Luna as it looks gorgeous in all of the swatches I have seen. I have also seen a review from FleurDeForce on YouTube about the Topshop gloss inks and she said they are absolutely amazing and I am really itching to get my hand on some! So those 3 items I would probably buy right this second if I had £20 to spend. Also lets just mention that I would definitely get my money’s worth out of this deal and I would wait for the 3 for 2 sale at Boots/Superdrug and get more for my money :D.

·  What's your favourite way to exercise?
I’ll be honest here I don’t really exercise even though I probably should become more healthy. I do take my dogs on a walk but I don’t think that should count and I don’t really consider it my ‘exercise’ so I’m sorry if that doesn’t really answer the question.

·  Describe your perfect day.
My perfect day is when I have absolutely nothing to do and I can spend my day playing games. I am a very big home-body so I really prefer just staying in and having a relaxing day.

·  Do you have any pets? 
This is going to be a little confusing as I actually have 4 pets in 3 different households. Basically I have a dog that I had when I lived in America who still lives with my mom. His name is Buddy and he is pretty old I would say around 5-6. He is a mix between a Springer Spaniel and a Beagle. I haven’t seen him in around 4 years now but he was my very first pet ever.

The next two dogs are the dogs my boyfriend’s grandparents have, which is where I lived when I first moved to England. Their names are Bella and Sky and they are honestly the cutest and most amazing dogs I have ever met in my life. They are also around 5-6 years old as well and they are some kind of Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix but we aren’t sure exactly what mix they are. They have so much character and they are completely opposite yet they are real sisters and come from the same litter.

The final dog is the one that I currently live with who is also named Bella (I know it’s a little confusing). She is only 5 months old and she is still obviously a puppy. She is a pure blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is very clever and knows many tricks such as sit, lay, roll over, paw and beg. She is usually very good and doesn’t get into trouble a lot but recently she bit through my mouse lead which is why I haven’t blogged for the last few days.

I have also been nominated by Georgiana Teglas from Her questions are as follows:

1. Where`s your dream holiday?
2. Who`s your favourite designer?
I don't really have a favourite designer as I don't really buy designer clothing but if I had to choose a favourite store it would be New Look!

3. Favourite movie?
I don't think I can choose a favourite movie but if you want a funny answer when I was a kid I would come home every night after school and watch Cheaper by the Dozen for months on end!

4. Is there a song you listen to when you are feeling sad?
I really love listening to slow country songs when I'm feeling a little down, something like What hurts the most by Rascal Flats or She wouldn't be gone by Blake Shelton.

5. Favourite make-up brand?
I really love Revlon and Makeup Academy as a whole. I think Revlon does great lipsticks and nail varnishes as well as foundations and Makeup Academy has great cheap makeup!

6. What`s your dream job?
I am in the Computer Science field so I would say my dream job would be a programming job for a gaming company or a graphic designer.

7. Do you read any magazines? If yes, which ones do you enjoy?
I never read magazines and I cannot even remember the last time I have read one!

8. Do you have any goals set for this year?
I really hope to be consistant with my blog and I really would love to travel back to America and see my family.

9. Why did you start a blog?
Ever since I found the makeup community online I have always wanted to be apart of it but I was always a little nervous and had no self confidence to do so. Recenetly I mustered up the courage and honestly I'm really glad I did because I have made many new friends :)

10. If you could collaborate with any brand for your own collection, which one would you choose?
I would love to be apart of Revlon or L'Oreal as they are probably my favourite drugstore brands.

11. What`s your opinion on Valentine`s Day? Do you enjoy it or do you think it`s a waste of time?
I don't fall head over heals for Valentines day and my boyfriend and I don't really do anything special but we may watch a movie together and order a takeway or something and just spend valuable time together.

Questions from yourlifeplaylist

  • What is your favourite food?
    My favourite food at the moment is Chicken Tikka Masala which I make and it tastes exactly like Indian takeaway it is so good. I actually had it today so yay!
  • Where did the inspiration for your blog name come from?
    Bittersweet Shelby came from my faovurite League of Legends character Lulu. The Lulu character has a 'Bittersweet Lulu' skin and she is my favourite so I named my blog after her. She is also featured on my blogs banner.
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
    I would love to have my own house in 10 years time with my boyfriend. I hope that I have a great programming job which I enjoy and just have a happy stress-free life.
  • If you could do anything this summer, what would you do?
    I would love to travel back to America to see my family, but I am not sure if that will be possible or not. I would also love to go to Florida again for a holiday :).
  • What is the product at the top of your beauty wish list?
    This is probably very weird but I actually have a list of some beauty products I am looking to get and the list is: Rimmel Apocalips in Luna, L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lpisticks, Sleek Palette in Vintage Romance/Bad Girl, Sleek Blush by 3 palette in Pink Lemonade, Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Cream in Shocking Coral and Topshop Gloss Inks. Now which would be my top from this list? Probably the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Cream in Shocking Coral because I have never been a fan of lip glosses but this is the first that I don't find sticky and therefore I would like a few more of them :)
  • Who is your style icon?
    I don't think I really have a style icon and I am not a big fashion person in general. I would say my fashion is very laid back and I just like to be comfortable. I do love my converse shoes though!
  • What is your favourite film?
    These are such tough questions but I don't think I have a favouite film although funny story when I was a kid I used to come home every single day from school and watch Cheaper by the Dozen. I watched it so many times I actually had most of the lines memorized and I believe this is the only movie I have ever watched that many times, as I usually just watch a movie once and then never again.
  • Tea or coffee?
    Neither. I had never tried tea before I come to England and I gave it a try and I just think it taste really gross no offence. I would say though the only hot drink I like it Hot Chocolate. My faovurite brand is the Belgian Chocolate from the brand Options.
  • Who is your favourite blogger or YouTuber?
    EssieButton and CarahAmelie03 hands down. Both of them are amazing and both of them do beauty videos and also have vlogging channels they are both just so down to earth and amazing women!
  • Favourite song at the moment?
    Under Control by Calvin Harris has been one that I have quite liked listening to recently. I usually change music favourites everyday at least multiple times. I love listening to youtube playlists though and just seeing what comes up!

  • Favourite type of blog post to read/make?
    I really like doing reviews as I love being very thorough. I personally am a very conscious buyer and thoroughly investigate a product before I ever buy it. Because of this I think that is why I love making these types of posts because I can really inform people how I feel about the product and what is its good and bad points so they can make up their own decisions!

  • 11 Random Facts:

    1. I cannot tread water and if someone threw me into the middle of the ocean I would end up drowning. Funny story but I remember in my gym class we had to tread water for 20 minutes and were graded on it, if you touched the side of the pool you would be deducted points. My friend Rachael who was a swimmer actually had to hold me up while she treaded water so I wouldn't get deducted points, Thanks Rachael!
    2. I have had problems with passing out since i was around 6, but since I have gotten older it has decreased a lot.
    3. I absolutley hate ironing and put off doing it as long as I can
    4. I have extremely odd sleep times and prefer being up at night times
    5. I will never buy anything online without a coupon code and will always review products thouroughly so i do not make the wrong choice
    6. I own 2 different sweatshirts and one of them I have had since i was probably 15 (i'm 21 currently) I mostly just steal all of my boyfriend sweatshirts
    7. I am studying computer science and I really love programming which probably sounds nerdy but i love it and find it very interesting
    8. Kind of going wtih the last one but my favourite program i have made was creating a sudoku game that can generate and solve 'easy' puzzles which was quite interesting
    9. I have extreme anxiety about cutting my hair and I only ever get it done maybe once or maximum twice a year. That being said I will change my hair extreme colours without thinking twice or doing a 'test' patch.
    10. I hardly ever get any sort of a tan. I am extremely pale and I usually only burn in the summer and never recieve a tan. I do however get many freckles on my face during the summer time.
    11. I am extremely weird about my food. I take forever to eat my meals, I cannot stand if two things are touching each other (curry touching rice etc) and will leave the peices that touch on my plate. I also eat things one at a time for example penne noodles or something. I can also eat one specific meal for every meal of the day for multiple days in a row. It is very strange.

    My nominations for the Liebster Award are:

    My questions for all of you:

    1. What is your top five TV shows or movies?
    2. If you could only have one beauty item what would it be?
    3. What is a nickname your family or friends call you?
    4. Who is your favourite YouTuber/YouTubers?
    5. Do you have any pets? If not what pet would you want to have the most?
    6. What is your best/favourite beauty tip?
    7. What is one item you could not live without?
    8. What pushed you to start blogging?
    9. Where do you wish you could go on holiday/vacation next?
    10. What is/was your favourite subject at school?

    I hope you all enjoy the questions that I have picked out for you and thank you for taking the time to fill them out. I also would like to thank my nominators again for picking me for the Liebster award :).


    1. Your dogs are all so cute! I think we're really quite similar, which is awesome. We have pretty much the same perfect days, haha. Do you watch The Following? If not, I highly recommend it! Great post and awesome answers :)

      Angels of Arcadia

      1. I agree I think we are quite similar as well :) I have never seen The Following, but you may have just gotten me hooked on yet another TV show ;D! Thanks!

      2. You can never have too many TV shows! I find that I get hooked on a bunch of shows at once, I spend a few weeks watching them/catching up on them and then I have nothing left to watch for a while :(

    2. Just read this now, love it :)

      Lauren (yourlifeplaylist) xx