Thursday, 5 December 2013

Nail Polish of the Day: Revlon Scented Watermelon Fizz

Who doesn’t love a festive manicure around the holidays? Today’s nail polish of the day is Revlon’s Watermelon Fizz scented nail polish and MUA’s nail polish in shade 13 as my accent nail. This nail polish would be perfect to wear to a Christmas party or even just to give yourself some Christmas spirit.

The formulation of the Revlon polish is very sheer so I would either do multiple coats (I ended up doing 3 coats), or layer this nail polish on top of a more opaque colour. I have previously layered Red Bikini by Revlon under this scented nail polish and the results still look the same. The MUA polish was very opaque and you could probably get away with doing 1 coat.

The Revlon scented polish only has a smell after it has completely dried. Watermelon Fizz as you probably have guessed has a fruity scent to it. The smell is not very strong and you can only smell it when you are very close to your nails. When you place a top coat over the scented parfume nail polish the smell disappears.

Neither of the nail polishes had any streaking; both were very creamy and easy to apply. I love using the Revlon nail polishes because they dry very fast so it is much harder to smudge than other brands I have used. Both of the nail polishes last a few days before any chipping occurs.

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