Monday, 30 December 2013

Revlon Matte Suede Nail Polish - Ruby Ribbon

For today’s review I decided to show you one of my favourite nail polishes that is not only pretty but unique. It is one of the Revlon Matte Suede nail polishes in Ruby Ribbon. The photographs in the blog show the colour as being a darker red but in person the shade is a darker red with a more visible purple undertone. These polishes can be purchased online at stores like Amazon or you could probably find these at your local drugstore for around £6. 

Revlon Matte Suede Nail Polish in Ruby Ribbon
This polish is different to normal nail polish because it does not actually have a shiny coat, but instead a matte coat. Even though the polish is a matte finish it actually has sparkles within the nail polish which can only really be seen when you look very close at your nails. The light does hit the nails but in a much different way to normal nail polish as it just looks like a reflection of light instead of a shininess to your nails.

Two Coats of Ruby Ribbon Nail Polish
The formulation of these Revlon polishes is spectacular and does not streak at all and is actually opaque within one coat, but I personally like doing 2 coats as I am not very good with applying nail polish and usually have little spots I didn't cover the first time. With many other colours I will finish the polish and go do my normal everyday things and during the process I will smudge or scrape the nail polish which can be really frustrating, but with this polish I find that it dries VERY quickly and I never have problems with smudging.  I have also tried many other Revlon nail polishes and I actually find that most of them dry pretty quickly where I don’t have problems with smudging.

Two Coats or Ruby Ribbon Nail Polish
The only downside to this polish is that if you want the matte effect you probably would not want to put a normal top coat on as this would more than likely take the matte polish and make it shiny. To avoid this I am sure you could buy a matte top coat or just do what I do and do not use a top coat and just touch up when the nail polish starts to chip. The polish lasts on the nails around 2-3 days before I notice any chipping.

This shade is really great for the fall/winter time as it is a darker red shade which fits perfectly with the berry tones that are quite popular in the winter time. I would highly recommend the Revlon Matte Suede nail polishes, but also all Revlon nail polishes if you are looking for opaque colour with a quick drying time. For nail beginners or even just people that aren't great at doing your nails this polish is PERFECT and will really save you a lot of stress if you are used to smudging or chipping your nail polish!


  1. This is such a wintery colour, I love it! I don't own any matte nail polishes, maybe I should invest in some... :)


    1. I recieved this with a set for Christmas last year and honestly I didn't think I would like it and therefore avoided using it for ages, but once I used it I fell in love with it! It looks very unique in person and the colour is beautiful for the winter months. They do have other colours, I also own the white one in Powder Puff but I do not like it as much as this colour. You should give it a try if you are interested :)