Monday, 16 December 2013

Maybelline Colour Tattoo’s

Maybelline Colour Tattoos’ are considered a gel like cream eyeshadow. These can be used alone as an all over eyelid colour or below eyeshadows to make them pop and appear more vibrant, or even as a gel eyeliner. The range comes out with new colours seasonally as well as their permanent collection. The names of these products can be confusing as the UK version and US versions have different names for each product. I currently own Turquoise Forever (Tenacious Teal), On and on Bronze (Bad to the Bronze), and Immortal Charcoal (Audacious Asphalt).

These cream eyeshadows are very pigmented but could definitely be blended out to give a softer look to them. They are very creamy so blending is very easy; this can be done with a blending brush or just simply using your fingers. The product does set after a while so you need to somewhat work quick with the product so it is perfectly blended before it sets. These colour tattoos last all day without smudging and do a great job as an eyeshadow base for eyeshadows keeping them vibrant and fresh all day without creasing. All of the colour tattoos that I own have a shimmer to them but it is not too much and looks great over shimmery eyeshadows! The range of colour tattoo’s do contain matte colours as well.

 The packaging for this product is quite bulky compared to the product that you actually receive. If you look at the product on the side you can see the excess glass that does not contain any product, but tricks you to thinking there is more product inside the jar. Although it is bulky compared to the product you receive, the pots do not take up much room in order to store them.

The Maybelline Colour Tattoos can be found at any drugstore and cost around £5 in the UK, which is a great price considering the pigmentation of the product and the lasting power. You can sometimes find these colour tattoos on Amazon for a slightly cheaper price, especially for the colourful ones. I personally can’t wait to try out more of the colour tattoos, and would recommend them to anyone who wants a long lasting colour eyeshadow. 


  1. Great post!
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  2. they look great :) xx

  3. I absolutely love them! My favourite is on and on bronze x

    1. As you can tell by the picture above my most used is on and on bronze, it is gorgeous on the lid by itself!

  4. The bronzw colour looks amazing!
    This is a really great post :)


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  5. I love these, I need to pick some more up but I will wait for the boots 3 for 2 ;)

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

    1. They are a really great price on the 3 for 2 offer at Superdrug/Boots. They come to around £3 each, can't beat it!

  6. I love these. I picked up Permanent Taupe today which I'll probably use as base from now on. Turquoise Forever looks stunning, so vibrant!