Friday, 27 December 2013

Makeup Academy (MUA) - Undressed Palette (Naked Palette Dupe?)

Before I get into this review I wanted to wish you all happy holidays and I hope you all had a great Christmas. This palette is in the £4 range at Makeup Academy (MUA) and can be purchased at your local Superdrug or the MUA website. One thing that is particularly popular about this palette is that it is supposed to be a “dupe” for the Naked palette by Urban Decay. I do not own the Urban Decay Naked palette so I cannot compare the two, but I will provide swatches and pictures of the MUA palette so you can make your own comparison.

MUA Undressed Palette

MUA Undressed Palette
The eyeshadow palette comes with 12 different eyeshadows, 2 of which are matte. The colours are very neutral but it also provides a blueish grey colour to spice it up a bit. The pigmentation is sort of hit and miss with this palette as I find the shimmery colours / darker colours show up great but the lighter colours / matte colours are a little harder to see. I think the lighter colours not showing up great is due to me being so ghostly pale. I have always found that the matte shadows from MUA are hardly pigmented to watch out for that.
L-R  Top Row of Palette
L-R Bottom Row of Palette
On your eyes the colours do show up and they last all day when you wear an eyeshadow primer or an eyeshadow base beneath them. The colours are gorgeous and you can make a ton of different looks by using the palette. On the back of the palette it even gives you a step by step tutorial on how you can use the eyeshadows to create an eye look.  The packaging isn’t comparable to big brands such as MAC or Nars, but it is good for its price and will not open on you unexpectedly.

Overall I think the MUA palettes are worth the money and I personally use one of the palettes almost every day for my eyeshadow. Although some of the colours are hardly pigmented most of them will show up just fine and they are easily blended and honestly just amazing for its price. I would recommend this eyeshadow palette to anyone looking for affordable makeup or just want to give this a try to see how it compares to your Naked palette by Urban Decay.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. Beautiful shades! You have such a lovely blog! :)

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  2. This has a lot of bloggin hype out there, I dunno if it will live up to it...humm but it is a god naked dupe!

    Sharlotte xxx

  3. The price is AMAZING and the shades are lovely!
    What a bargain and lovely post!

    1. It's a little hard to see the lighter shades on my skintone but all of the colours apart from the matte ones are very pigmented and I really do think its a great deal for only being £4!


  4. This palette looks lovely, and the shade on your eyes suits them so well!

  5. I love this! I use the undressed palette almost everyday. I think it's absolutely rubbish without primer though, but naked isn't all that good without primer either!
    Becky xx --

    1. I think that most palettes aren't that great without primer. I love using the Maybelline colour tattoos underneath the MUA and it just adds that extra colour underneath. The shade On and On Bronze would look great under this palette!