Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Makeup Academy (MUA) - New Powder Blusher

Makeup Academy (MUA) has come out with 6 new shades of their powder blushers. These new blushers are in the same £1 range as the old MUA powder blushers, and can be found only at Superdrug or the MUA website. I personally own three blushers in the new range which can be seen in the photos below.

(L-R) Lolly, Bubble Gum, and Marshmallow

(L-R) Lolly, Bubble Gum, and Marshmallow

The blushers have great pigmentation and only require a makeup brush to be dabbed in the product to get a bright vibrant colour to show up on your cheeks. Because the blushers are so pigmented it is very easy to apply too much, so start with a soft hand and gradually build to get the payoff you want.  I personally use a stippling brush for application, and find it picks up the perfect amount of blusher without over doing it. Although the colour selection is quite small, the line offers a variety of different shades including peach, pink, red, and mauve tones which would suit any skin tone.

Swatches: (L-R) Lolly, Bubble Gum, and Marshmallow

The packaging for these products feels very durable and contains a tight closing clasp so the product does not open on its own, which is great for travelling.  The product contains no mirror, but has a sleek compact design with a see-through lid. The blushers contain 2.4g of product which is a pretty good size, considering you only need the smallest amount to get good colour payoff. The new blushers also have unique names inspired after sweet goodies, instead of being numbered like the old MUA blushers. The names are shown on the back of the packaging and the range includes: Candyfloss, Lolly, Cupcake, Bubble Gum, Marshmallow, and Bon Bon.

If you are debating whether to get the old or the new blushers from the £1 range by MUA, I would highly recommend that you go with the new formulation as the pigmentation is outstanding for the price and very little is needed to get the colour payoff that you want.

For only being £1 you can’t go wrong with heading to your local Superdrug and taking a look at the new powder blushers by MUA yourself to see which colour would best suit you. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with this product and it definitely won’t break the bank!


  1. I love these colors and ESPECIALLY the color names lol! Thanks for linking up!!


    1. It's actually quite nice that these blushers have names, becuase the old formulation of the MUA blushes only had numbers. It always caused an issue when a friend would say oh which blush are you wearing and your reply is shade 2 haha.