Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Makeup Academy (MUA) - New Matte Lipsticks

Recently Makeup Academy (MUA) has come out with new matte lipsticks but every time I visit my local Superdrug they are all sold out, but I managed to pick up 2 yesterday! The lipsticks retail for £1 in Superdrug or they can also be found on the MUA website and Amazon. These lipsticks are easy to find as the normal lipsticks come in a black tube, where the matte lipsticks come in a white tube. These lipsticks contain the same amount of product as the normal lipsticks and they have 5 colors you can choose from. I picked up Wild Berry and Pouty Pink.

These lipsticks when applied to the lips are somewhat pigmented and show up, but I feel like the normal lipsticks give a better color payoff. The lipsticks are also not as creamy as say the Nyx lipsticks I reviewed earlier which can be found here. It does feel a little drying when you rub your lips together, but obviously you could use a lip balm or a gloss over the top. The lipstick also appears to cling a little too dry patches on your lips, so this can easily be avoided by using a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips before you put on the lipstick.

The only other complaint I have is that the color shown in the bottom of the tube is not necessarily what will come off on your lips. I was very hesitant to buy the Wild Berry shade because on the tube it looks like a very dark purple/brown color but luckily there were testers in the store. I feel like this product is very meh.. It’s not terrible but it isn’t amazing either, it is just average. I feel like the normal lipsticks do a much better job at pigmentation and portraying the color that is shown on the bottom of the tube.


  1. I really wanted to try these but like you said, they aren't very pigmented outside of the tube :/
    Great post! This was very informative and saved me from purchasing these :D



    1. I do like the normal lipsticks from MUA if you are interested in cheaper lipstick options, great pigmentation compared to the new matte shades.

  2. Pouty pink looks like a great shade. I've not found a brilliant MUA lipstick yet but I keep looking for it and this might just be the one :o). Xx

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